Snow is so unique. I have never experienced such a surreal yet beautiful scenery. If you would've told me two years ago that I would be living in a winter wonderland, I would say that you're insane. Being raised in the south, snow is such a treasure and is treated as a possssion. Here in… Continue reading Authenticity

Heaven Help Our Home: Devotional on Honesty

So today my school cancelled classes due to the in-climate weather. This week beats the record of being the coldest this year and if you have any skin exposed to the air, you are guaranteed to get frost-bite. Right now, it is currently negative fourteen degrees with the wind chill making it feel like negative… Continue reading Heaven Help Our Home: Devotional on Honesty

Love Yourself: Testimony of Body Image and Self Adoration

Ever since any of us have been little, we have always been looking up to idols. If that idol is a celebrity we envy, a friend who looks more attractive or a hobby/sport that we love. Society tricks us into being entertained by secular music, television shows and movies. And as we grow older, we… Continue reading Love Yourself: Testimony of Body Image and Self Adoration

It Gets Better: Perspective of A Sister With A Special Needs Sibling

To this present day, I never really have shared my first erroneous experience of my scholar childhood. My older brother was diagnosed with Aspergers, a form of high functioning autism, when I was eight and he was ten years old. He and I would always have issues with making new friends and being accepted from… Continue reading It Gets Better: Perspective of A Sister With A Special Needs Sibling

The New Beginning

Today is the twenty-fifth day of the year 2019. This is a new beginning to everything that happened prior to today and farther back. I am working, exploring and identifying myself in Christ this year. Last year I was trapped in a cage of insecurities, fearing death and being chained in bad relationships. This year… Continue reading The New Beginning